SSD Γιά PlayStation 5 Seagate FireCuda 530 Heatsink SSD 500GB M.2 NVMe


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SSD Γιά PlayStation 5 Seagate FireCuda 530 Heatsink SSD 500GB M.2 NVMe

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Technically this was the first confirmed for PS5 SSD, the FireCuda 530 is the latest from Seagate and fulfills all of the requirements laid out in Sony's M.2 article. Touted to have blistering speeds, and confirmed to have all the next-gen tech within it, this really is a quality PS5 SSD internal option. The fact that it also comes with its own heatsink (as shown in the picture above) is also a bonus - no DIY jobs on that front with this drive. Although a non-heatsink version is also available if you'd rather attach your own.

The transfer speeds are top drawer with Seagate claiming that it beats off the SN850 by edging over that 7,000MB/s mark - rather than aiming solely for it. Crucially it's got the latest in tech inside it as it sports 3D TLC NAND memory and next-gen PCIe 4.0. 

It's also worth remembering that Seagate and Sony go way back (relatively) when it comes to drives for PlayStation consoles. The officially licensed - and some of the best PS4 externals were all made by Seagate, and even the best options when updating or upgrading your PS3 hard drive were Seagate drives too. This history matters as it means you can have faith in Seagate, and have confidence in its FireCuda 530 SSD for your PS5.

Digital storage capacity 500 GB
Compatible devices Laptop, Desktop
Hard disk interface Serial ATA
Brand Seagate
Specific uses for product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Connectivity technology SATA
Form Factor M.2
Read speed 7000 Megabytes Per Second
Cache size 500

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